Truly Madly Deeply – Ioana

BECKY’S ARTICLE INSPIRED ME TO SHARE 10 things about myself. She had listed 25 things. But I hardly got as far as 10. Try it yourself, it’s kinda fun.

  1. I am addicted to bananas. Literally, my head hurts if I don’t eat at least one banana a day…must be the sugar, or the potassium…or the yumminess.
  2. My coffee is latte.
  3. I think my mom is a weird combination of crazy, paranoid and thoughtful. I am soooo happy I don’t inherit her features, yet I am happy to inherit her features…confusing. Often times I’m like: “She’s UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’m never talking to her again!”, but sometimes I’m like: “Dude, I AM my mother’s daughter…don’t make me go there…”
  4. I find it weird that I am funny only to a specific crowd. Everyone else just doesn’t get it. They just stare at me.
  5. I am NOT able to finish telling a really funny story or joke, because I’m laughing uncontrollably.
  6. If one of my pupils makes a really smart and funny joke…I will drop everything and laugh.
  7. I cary a pepper spray in my pocket and I can’t wait to use it!!! Call me kitty ONE MORE TIME!
  8. I’m a good dancer and the soul of any party…as long as it’s a decent party…I can’t have fun while drinking too much alcohol, cause alcohol just makes me yawn. I gotta stay awake to enjoy.
  9. I’m the best cook ever.
  10. I wish Santa was real…how cool would that be?


Please share with me some of your own awesomeness. Let’s hear it!


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16 thoughts on “Truly Madly Deeply – Ioana

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  1. It sounds as if you are a crazy lovely person, who loves life…….congratulations your happy, many as you say don’t get you because they have not found happiness within them selves yet……….patience and let’s hope they do.


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  2. I have the sneaky suspicion that everybody would have many more things of greater importance to list if there wouldn’t be any boundaries, e.g. shame, self-preservation, hurt, etc. I’ve done a list and had 12 points within a very short period of time. That number would diminish to approximately 3 if I had to publish the list on the internet, e.g. it would say, Parmesan cheese is my most used ingredient in meals.

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