The Wrong Choice vs. The Right Mistake

WE’RE ALL FACED WITH IMPORTANT DECISIONS. Whether it’s moving to a different city, switching jobs or even careers, starting a new relationship or a family, ending a relationship – we have the power to create our lives. Right?

But you know as soon as things get difficult or they just don’t seem to turn out they way you had envisioned, you’ll start to doubt the decision you made. You might even go as far as thinking you’ve ruined your entire life with that specific decision and if you hadn’t done that, your life would’ve been different and better and exactly what you wanted it to be.

Contemplating on destiny and decision making, a teacher in college told us a story about a man standing in front of three doors with the task to CHOOSE THE RIGHT DOOR. He makes a decision and goes through one of the doors and on the back of it, there’s a message: THIS IS THE DOOR YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE.


Do I believe in FREE WILL? Somedays I do, somedays I don’t. Haven’t made a decision yet (wink!).

But I do find it comforting that God is not surprised by my choices, even if I do make mistakes.

Think about it!

The Road Less Traveled




6 thoughts on “The Wrong Choice vs. The Right Mistake

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  1. Wouldn’t we finally kill each other if there is such a thing as free will?
    There were three men an a island and each of them had one wish. The first one said: “I would like my old life back.” Wish granted and he was gone. Second one wished for the same. Wish granted and he was gone too. Third man said: “I wish that my two friends are back.”

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