God Seekers

WHEN I STARTED TO SEEK GOD IN MY TEENAGE years I was very radical about turning my life around and choosing a specific path…and really, I realise now, even if it didn’t bring out the best colours in me, I needed that. I needed a radical shift from who my life has turned me into. And for a while, I thought God was only what I had created in my mind.

I am still radical about a lot of things. I still find myself easily judging other people’s stupid mistakes and I openly fantasise about getting revenge sometimes…I never do. I can be, what I call, brutally honest…everyone else calls it being mean…I’m lucky I’m funny and fairly sociable, otherwise my blogging followers would be my only friends :).

But in my college years, while volunteering as a translator in a Christian camp for children, I met for the first time in my life a family that lived their life…how can I describe this?…as God seekers…purpose seekers. I don’t know if this is making any sense, but everything they did and even the way the spoke was about how they make it their daily task to find God, give Him glory through their work and be good to people.

It changed me. I knew then God was so much more than I thought and I keep meeting people that support my realisation.

It seems as if it doesn’t matter what church you go to or what kind of “Christian” traditions you decide to adopt or not. It all comes down to seeking God in everything you do and hoping that He’ll reveal Himself to you, as He promised.

Is this making any sense?


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  1. You make total sense. I believe it was a divine appointment for you, exactly at the right time. I’m happy for you. Going through the ups and downs in life with God is so much better than going through it alone. Living life to reflect Him to others isn’t always easy, but it gives our life purpose and is satisfying. You write well. I hope you continue.

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    1. That was the only time I ever met them, we were out on divine appointments, speaking to people about how you can have a personal relationship with God. It was divine, alright! Their house was in constructions, not the best time to have visitors, we were around 8 people. They dropped everything and had the entire family to sit down with us on the porch, to discuss their relationship to God over lemonade. It was as if they knew who we were, why we were there and were convinced, as we were, that God had sent us to deliver a message. I remember admiring their humility and faith. While everyone was trying to “convert” them, I realised…they don’t need that…they had it figured out just fine, they only needed a confirmation and an encouragement. It was I that needed to be converted and, thankfully, I let this divine appointment change the way I see believers.

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      1. Amazing! What an amazing, life-changing story! It’s almost as if you were entertaining Angels, but they ended up ministering to you! Sounds like a divine appointment alright😉. Thanks for sharing☺️!

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