Life Is Better When You Love It!


One of my working principles is this: whatever I do, I have to do my very best! Can anyone else relate to this? 

When I moved to Bucharest (the capital of Romania), I felt like a whole new world of opportunities was now opened for me…but I was stuck in a very full time job at a kindergarten…what to do? I was a little bored, things were a little beneath my professional level, but I thought, if I’m gonna be a kindergarten music teacher, I’ll be the best they ever saw.

So, that’s what I did: I developed throughout the years a brand new and personalised music class format, I started writing on my own piano method that is almost complete now and I founded a kindergarten choir specialised in jazz…in less than three years.

I got busy! But you see, sometimes, doing what you love is not enough. You can work in a place where you do what you actually love doing and be miserable if it’s not bringing any satisfaction. Lousy and dysfunctional management, gossip and poor ethics, can really take the fun out of it.

Once they saw what I can do, they started overworking me, I was exhausted and couldn’t perform well as much I tried, I was manipulated into accepting crap and even my free time was SOMEHOW tracked.

During the blessed Christmas holiday I took time to step back and analyse what was going on, of course, I also discussed it with the people who usually stand beside me in difficult situations and even though I lost health insurance and a steady salary, I decided I didn’t want to spend one more day wasting myself like this, so I quit my job.

What am I doing now? I cook, I do yoga, I have a few private piano classes with kids that I love…and I’m writing to you, guys!

As Joyce Meyer says, I’m not where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be!



27 thoughts on “Life Is Better When You Love It!

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    1. Thank you for dropping by, I’m all about “Joy”, that’s why I started to follow your blog, I want to see other people’s experiences through the process and it’s rewards. I’ll see you around!


  1. I can definitely relate your story to mine somehow. Working in IT industry also got me tracked every single free (idle) time I had at work. I thought this industry would allow me to exercise my creativity, but it was dead wrong. So, I quitted and changed my course of life to academia in Japan. Right now, I’m just like you, blogging, playing, and wandering around to inspire fellow students at my alma mater.

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  2. It’s so hard to recognize that the place you are is not where you should be, especially when you want so badly for it to work! Congrats on taking a big step in a new direction. Sometimes extra time and space in your life brings clarity.

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    1. Yes, I am actually working on a specific list of things that I want to be involved in and I’m trying to stay away from full-time commitments for a while and just experiment life with only what I enjoy and brings satisfaction, even if it doesn’t make me rich 🙂


  3. Not only can you play piano & teach quarks (high energy particles), you write well. Nice hook at the front, nice conclusion with the Joyce Meyer quote.
    I wrote a piece called Work as a Spiritual Practice. It’s kind of long (about 4,000 words) but you might resonate with it, especially in your yoga.

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    1. Thank you, Martin! I really appreciate it! I’ve never received compliments on my writing and didn’t really think it was any good. I’ll check your blog later tonight – I’m preparing for a demo lesson 🙂 See you around!


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