Music Education & Romania


Romanian music teachers have stumbled upon a very difficult situation of having to fight the system to keep music education classes in schools. It’s as if it happened over night. Well, it didn’t!


Every time an educational inspector announced at the annual meeting that all music teachers must give only the highest grade to all students, despite the fact that some aren’t even interested to show a little effort or even be present – music education died a little.

Every time a parent would complain about bad reviews for their child on the music education slot, motivating that his kid is not going to be a musician and it shouldn’t matter how well he participates in class – music education died again.

Every time a teacher started to believe what everyone was saying about music education: how it’s worthless, kids don’t need it, what’s he gonna do in life if he learns how to read music? – it definitely died.

All of a sudden, Romania is shocked by this daring proposition to remove music education from certain classes. I’m not. Music education was removed from classes long before they put it on a piece of paper…


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  1. Now I remember my music classes at priamry school in Warsaw, Poland. We were all so bored as the teacher played parts of classical music wanting us to be familiar with the most popular themes. Yet, now as an adult I adore classical music, I love operas and jazz. Was it thanks to the music lesson in my childhood? Or what happend on the way that I am a completelly different person, feeling ashamed when I can’t recognize a piece of art only by listening?
    I don’t knoe what was wrong with these lessons that we all hated it, but I do want my child to raise with music.

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  2. Unfortunately this is happening all over the world. It’s so sad to see arts and music programs cut in educational settings. It’s one of the many reasons why in July I will be volunteering in Romania as a drama/music volunteer in Brasov.

    Feel free to check out my blog about my volunteer program at

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  3. I can not imagine life without music and I think music is as important as math or any other language. Music is one thing, every culture have in common. Most things we undervalue is equally as important as having water in the dessert.

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    1. Really? This is so sad. Here, I don’t think it’s happening because of the budget cuts, we have a different system, but it’s because children should start focusing on the “important” classes, like math and language…you know, they ones that will help you in life 🙂


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