You Are Enough!

YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO STAY “INCOMPLETE”   just because you might find your “half” and you’re hoping you’ll be “complete” then. No! That’s ill advised. Complete yourself before getting into any relationship. By the time the “completing thyself process” is done, you’ll have the proper image of what a healthy relationship should look like and what the “ideal” partner should be like. And I’m not only talking about the “nice, considerate, handsome” description. The ideal partner will be the one who loves the complete you.

I’ve had my share of stupid and embarrassing crushes. Most of the times I didn’t do much about it, but when I did I was lucky enough to be turned down. I say lucky because looking back on things, I was being led by emotions and you don’t wanna let emotions conduct your life and lead on your most important decisions.

I have come to love being single and even more important, to love who I am when I’m single. Independent, fun, not trying to impress and free. When you figure that out, you’ve got the whole package.

And if you think about it, investing in yourself is actually creating a strong foundation for your future relationship.

Forget about the damn Valentine. Do your thing!


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