Let It Go!

OUT OF ALL THE MESSAGES A SONG COULD HAVE, THIS is one strong and empowering message. Elsa is teaching us an important lesson here. I’m not sure it was only designed for 5 year-old girlies…they wouldn’t know what fractals are :). WARNING! This is NOT about giving up!

This is about finding and expressing your true self. When you stop listening to what people think you should be, you’ll find new freedom.

It’s about believing in yourself and knowing your worth. When you accept and cherish yourself, you’ll start to fulfil your destiny, leave a mark in your world and get happy.

And how sometimes you have to get some distance and gain a new perspective to remove all the fears that are holding you back from being what you are.

Let go of people’s expectations and acceptance, let go of your past, let go of anger and bitterness, let go of worries, let go of toxic relationships! Stop hiding, stop complaining, stop suffering and start noticing your value and your impact, start loving who you are and embrace life!

Let the storm rage on!


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