KEYS: Punctuality

YOU COULD SAY “KEYS TO SUCCESS”, BUT THAT’S not my aim right now. This  article is about being there on time and showing up. Sure, there must be a connection between your daily behaviour patterns and the way your life unfolds. I like to put a different spin on things and look a little deeper. Have you been waiting for something to happen and it feels like it’s not happening on time. Are you on time? Do you have the meeting place right?

I hate being late. And even more, I hate being on a hurry in order not to be late. So, what I do, is I imagine and count backwards from my meeting time all the activities I have to do and set a very early preparing point, taking into account all the stuff that34c15b066c7ee6c0687c84abb89c91dd might go wrong and make me late and I get started relaxed knowing that I have all the time I need, and more. But then again, I’m a teacher. Planning time and foreseeing difficulties is a given. And also, I’m awesome 😉

I know. There’s a perfect timing for everything, or so we like to believe. But I don’t think that you should just wait around for stars to align to meet your dream, whatever that is for you. You must get into the habit of being punctual.

Being on time is an ATTITUDE, my friends. So visualise your “appointment” and plan ahead all the activities you have to do before you get there, in order to be fully prepared, fully equipped and show up on time.


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