IT’S TRUE! Do you see what I see?

ALL THOSE RUMOURS, ALL THOSE PEOPLE bragging about how happy they are and how everything is just perfect because they love what they do, and all that crap…It’s true!

Sure, it’s hard to trust the process, it’s hard to give up some comforts and to create your own path, but there’s nothing like it!

Nothing like waking up with a purpose and being enthusiastic about it.

Nothing like the joy of following your dreams.

Nothing like the peace of never having to compromise or to repress your principles.

So if you ever find yourself in a place where you feel like you’re wasting your life, like you could do so much more and actually make a difference, you should know you’re going to face a lot of opposition.

You will definitely feel DOUBT! And you should. Turning your life around like that is not supposed to be an easy and rash decision and you owe it to yourself to give it a lot of thought and balance out all the pros and cons. Yes, I made that list and it was comforting to visualise it.

You will feel FEAR! I felt all sorts of fears, but then I realised my biggest fear was thinking about what my life will become if I don’t take this step. And this fear conquered all my other fears.

People won’t necessarily agree with your plans! And it’s because they care about you and it’s the first reaction people have when it comes to facing the UNKNOWN. And it’s also because they can’t see what you see.

So when planning to make drastic changes in your life, it’s crucial to be around people who can see your vision and share the same faith. They’ll give you strength, they’ll confirm your hopes and clear the fog!


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