Independence = Responsibility

REMEMBER WANTING SO BAD TO GET OUT OF YOUR parents house and do your thing without having to ask for permission? Remember even dreaming about being a free independent person, with your own salary, and spending it any way you like?

Now remember how it actually went once you became “independent”? It kinda sucked, for most of us, poor working people. You’re supposed to pay your rent, pay your bills and have a decent living, while still dreaming about spending your money any way like; and to make things worse, now you find yourself negotiating with your own conscience about purchasing an item you really, really want!

It’s the same for any kid that’s studying piano. Independence is the harshest teacher. So encourage independent study and embrace mistakes!

Oh, how we hate it when the child studies a piece in a wrong manner and then you have to spend so much more time just to teach him again the right manner. It’s the worst! But think of it this way: the kid was all alone, he wanted to do his best and even show that he can do it on his own. Haven’t we all been there? Instead of rambling on about the mistake, we should change focus on the solution and this will be rooted in his behaviour pattern for the rest of his life. When you make mistakes, you should stop focusing on them and wasting energy on beating yourself up for them, but start focusing on solving them!


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