Nike is right: just do it!

So you’ve got this dream about doing something extraordinary, something that could change the world, that would leave a mark and people would remember you for it. But it seems so big, so out of reach, you just can’t imagine how it could possibly come to life. So you just wait and wait and wait for “the right time” and “the right opportunities” that would push your dream into reality.

I’m gonna break it to you right now: the first thing you do will not be the best thing you do. You will fail and you will try again and again, but you gotta start somewhere. There’s no time like the present to make all those mistakes. They are the required sacrifice for your dream to become.

Because, you see, your dream is alive and it’s waiting for you to get there. Your dream is perfect, complete and it’s already done, but you aren’t. You have to walk the line and be transformed by all those transgressions (through your desire to reach your dream) in order to be the perfect version of yourself that could manage a dream of that magnitude. This is your revelation, right here! It is not your dream that needs accomplishment, it is yourself!

So start walking, start doing, start trying and start failing, it’s only a sign that it’s working, you’re on your way, you’re being transformed to fit your dream. Yeah, baby!


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  1. “The first thing you do will not be the best thing you do.” I actually don’t think that I ever heard anyone say that before, and it is so OBVIOUS! Wow! Thank you! I think you know that I’ve been on this meandering, nonlinear path of trying to figure out “what comes next” and what my “purpose” is in life, and I value your perspectives more than you know. Sometimes, it seems like the really good stuff in my life just builds up slowly and almost imperceptibly, bit by bit, as I simply “do the next right thing.” I never thought that I’d be on the course that I am on today, and I have no idea where it is leading! It’s true, I am very undone! I wonder if I ever will be “done.” I think I am ok with staying undone, if the journey keeps moving onward and I continue to grow.

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