The Power of Me

Ever noticed yourself  and your qualities being influenced by those around you? How maybe you get lazy when you spend your time with people complaining about being bored or tired and you start drifting along. Or how maybe you burn with passion and excitement around people who love life and love their work and they’re just awesome in everything they do.

See, I think we have power on one another if we allow it. We can inspire people with this power. Inspire in the best and worst ways possible.

chooseSo take a second to look at yourself and how you choose daily to use your qualities in your work and in your life. Imagine someone watching you non-stop. Would you inspire them to be the best they could be? Would they think of you as an example to live by?

Now take a look around. Observe who is influencing your days? Who is drowning you in grey and obscure thoughts and who is refreshing you with joy and love and realise that you have these choices to make every day.

Choose to be the light that inspires the world and brightens someone’s life with hope and choose to surround yourself only with those who keep your light shining.


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