Improving Home Piano Practice

All piano teachers struggle to implement a healthy home piano practice and when I say healthy, most of us think back on our own home piano practice, which meant NO FUN, NO PLAYJUST DREAD. Which was ok for us, I guess. We never knew we had an alternative.

It’s time to change that. I believe teachers should seriously consider BALANCE as an intrinsic element of DISCIPLINE, allowing the child to explore all “childish” pleasures while still maintaining an effective study schedule.

So to keep things fun and playful, but with a certain amount of responsibility added, I recommend creating a HOME PIANO PRACTICE LOG, which can be a notebook or a folder, with personalised items on it (drawings/symbols) that can increase the child’s interest and it also provides a physical record and proof of his improvement. Most kids I know just love to brag about their accomplishments!


2 thoughts on “Improving Home Piano Practice

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  1. I started a music journal which I insist on spending at least 5 minutes to write what I’ve practiced and learned today, it’s really fun especially for adult. And sometimes I could refer back little tips that I’ve discovered.

    Still exploring on how this method could benefit my learning and keep me inspired to play 🙂

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    1. Well, with my kids, the home piano practice log has symbols assigned for the number of times they rehearse in a week and they colour a specific symbol…like a star, if they rehearse 5 times a week and at the end of the school year, we’re counting all the stars and it will go on their diploma so they have a hard proof of their hard work and how it’s appreciated. This way we can track every year how much they evolved.


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