KEYS: Punctuality

YOU COULD SAY "KEYS TO SUCCESS", BUT THAT'S not my aim right now. This  article is about being there on time and showing up. Sure, there must be a connection between your daily behaviour patterns and the way your life unfolds. I like to put a different spin on things and look a little deeper. Have you been... Continue Reading →


The Teacher Profile

THE PRIMARY DRIVING FORCE OF A TEACHER SHOULD be his love for the pupil - the simplest desire to help the child and lead him to success. The more prepared and experienced the teacher, the wider the knowledge universe the child can access. The teacher must be and example and an inspiration for it's pupils regarding... Continue Reading →

IT’S TRUE! Do you see what I see?

ALL THOSE RUMOURS, ALL THOSE PEOPLE bragging about how happy they are and how everything is just perfect because they love what they do, and all that crap...It's true! Sure, it's hard to trust the process, it's hard to give up some comforts and to create your own path, but there's nothing like it! Nothing like... Continue Reading →

Independence = Responsibility

REMEMBER WANTING SO BAD TO GET OUT OF YOUR parents house and do your thing without having to ask for permission? Remember even dreaming about being a free independent person, with your own salary, and spending it any way you like? Now remember how it actually went once you became "independent"? It kinda sucked, for most of... Continue Reading →

Nike is right: just do it!

So you've got this dream about doing something extraordinary, something that could change the world, that would leave a mark and people would remember you for it. But it seems so big, so out of reach, you just can't imagine how it could possibly come to life. So you just wait and wait and wait... Continue Reading →

The Power of Me

Ever noticed yourself  and your qualities being influenced by those around you? How maybe you get lazy when you spend your time with people complaining about being bored or tired and you start drifting along. Or how maybe you burn with passion and excitement around people who love life and love their work and they're... Continue Reading →

Tania Maria

JAZZ LINK - JANUARY I hold a special appreciation for Tania Maria because she's not just an incredible singer and composer, but she is also a very skilled pianist. I love musicians who are excellent! She is the perfect example of a strong, hard-working and professional musician, and why not, woman. Because it is rare... Continue Reading →

Improving Home Piano Practice

All piano teachers struggle to implement a healthy home piano practice and when I say healthy, most of us think back on our own home piano practice, which meant NO FUN, NO PLAY, JUST DREAD. Which was ok for us, I guess. We never knew we had an alternative. It's time to change that. I believe... Continue Reading →

While studying…

Sight-reading. The child is faced with having to read a whole new music piece, maybe even some new elements or freshly learned. He is exercising the fast response reflex, making quick decisions, making good decisions and realising that he can count on each note to figure out the next one. There will never be an... Continue Reading →

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