A Teacher’s Holiday

Whether you have children or not, whether you’re involved in a relationship or you’re single, all the teachers need to unwind during the holiday and here are a few ideas you should try.

  1. MOVIE NIGHT – So rarely we get the opportunity to forget about waking up early in the morning.

2. LATE RICH BREAKFAST – So few teachers actually get to eat in the morning and it’s not ideal. Prepare a feast for yourself and enjoy late mornings.

6d566ded1c296ec855f9febd1980e4d73. VISIT FRIENDS AND/OR FAMILY – If your life is just too frantic to keep in touch with loved ones regularly, this is a good time to catch up and forget about work. Get your drink on!

4. COOK – Of course, you get to cook all the time, but it’s always in a time frame and it’s always because you have to. During holidays you can just cook for pleasure, whatever you like, whenever you like and remember the things you used to enjoy – if it’s not cooking, it could be reading, crafting or even cleaning.

5. SLEEP – Take an occasional nap in the afternoon, just because.


6. DO NOTHING – You know how to do that, no need for explanations.

7. TREAT YOURSELF – Whatever that means to you: Spa, massage, exercise, a new haircut, facial treatment, a nice lunch out or just buying an item you would enjoy.

Whatever you choose to do this holiday, try to relax! If there is any other way you can recharge and refresh – do it! Release all worries and all anxieties, make room for new plans, new people and new opportunities!


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