What kind of sick teacher are you?

Fever, chills, sensitive skin, sore muscles, difficulties breathing and/or swallowing, awful, awful headaches, spinning sensations, lack of appetite, sensitivity to light and loud noises, the flu is an issue for all human beings. Some can afford the luxury of staying in bed and getting better while drinking tea and resting, but some have to fight through the flu and all of it’s wonderful symptoms at work.

Even when working alone in front of a desk, focusing and actually being productive can be a challenge while having the flu.

Being a teacher and having to deal with what seems like never ending screaming, a general loudness, numerous kids seeking the attention and the joy you usually provide them with…is just impossible, and it adds and adds to your overall state.

Being a music teacher and having to use your voice all day long to sing-a-long and spread merriment while being sick is such a difficult task and I’ve never achieved it successfully, but thankfully my kids are a forgiving bunch 🙂

Even though I did find myself in the situation of having to sing and perform at celebrations, shows and other festivals, when I wasn’t in my best shape healthwise, because I am “irreplaceable” 😉 I regret not being able to give my best and exposing myself in such a vulnerable state.

Don’t even get me started on how dangerous it can be for your colleagues and your pupils, who more often than not, don’t care about personal boundaries and will most likely climb on you just when you’re about to sneeze.

So I want to allow myself from now on to be a proper sick person, in the comfort of my warm bed, to indulge into some sweet-sweet ibuprofen and melt down into the fever like any normal person would do.

Take the time to be sick, my friends!


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