Christmas In Your School

If there is anything children learn in school, maintaining habits is one of them. From waking up every morning with a goal, to highlighting important phrases they need to remember, to mentally and practically preparing themselves for an important test, setting and maintaining healthy habits can impact someone’s life professionally, socially, personally and spiritually. And traditions are just habits assigned to events. So I think the school is the best place to start inspiring the children to create traditions on different events.


Find a good Christmas concert and take the children to see it. They have the opportunity to hear a great artist, dress appropriately and, in time, learn how to behave at such an event.

Organize a Christmas concert! Teach them a few carols and invite the families and the faculty for an evening to remember. This will give the children the opportunity to be the artists, dress appropriately and, of course, learn how to behave at such an event.


It doesn’t even have to be a fancy dinner. Just a “cookies and cocoa” Christmas Snack. Teaching them about the importance of sitting together and eating together, sharing food, sharing thoughts, sharing jokes and sharing memories.


Find a dark room with a big white wall, bring pillows and blankets, project a Christmas movie on it, pop some corn, get in your pyjamas and you’ve got yourself an awesome Christmas party.


Choose a person – choose a gift – wrap – make a card – set up a “Presents opening” moment – unwrap – hug – Happy Days!


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