Professional much?

I keep meeting people with no professional manners, but with very important positions in very important companies. And here I was, thinking that adopting a professional attitude is what’s going to bring success. While some may think this is common sense, there are people who have abandoned it even in a professional environment. I’m not asking for royal treatment but here’s a few basic behaviour details I’d appreciate.

Say Hello when you’re entering a room and Goodbye when you’re leaving. Greet people if it’s the first time you see them that day. Or better yet, say Hello back when you’re greeted.

When talking to your employees or colleagues connect with them visually and stay focused on your conversation, and not on your phone, texting. If there really is an urgent matter that requires your attention, you should excuse yourself and plan another meeting.

Always be on time. Punctuality is the P in Professionalism.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t keep your word or comply to a deadline, you should make an announcement, apologise, mention your reasons and when is it that you hope to accomplish what you were supposed to.

When discussing serious matters, don’t bring up trivial subjects and gossip. I can’t imagine how it could help beside distracting.


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