Stay healthy & Stay happy

Being a teacher can have it’s toll on a person’s health. Either from back pain – sitting or standing too much – either from unhealthy eating habits – not eating enough or eating too much. You have to decide to make an effort towards a healthy lifestyle in order to stay fit for any activity that requires your attention and involvement while with your family or with your friends and also to be a good example for your students.

When I started gaining a little weight I tried fitness, I tried dancing, I tried all sorts of workouts, but I would be so tired at the end of a long day to start bouncing and crunching and gave up easily…until I started searching for exercises for back pain last summer and discovered Adriene Mishler’s Youtube Channel: Yoga with Adriene. It is packed with helpful videos for any kind of discomfort. Whether you’re trying to lose some weight, get toned or just stretch, you will definitely find a perfect routine in her videos. Plus, she is hilarious! It’s like exercising with your best friend and your best friend happens to be really crazy and funny. And somehow at the end of a routine, I’m not tired. I feel brand new.

I know many people are “suspicious” about yoga, being considered one of the New Age products and while that might be true, you can just do what I do…only exercise. As Adriene always says, try and get the best out of your workout. Focus on your body and the purpose of your exercise and you will definitely see and feel a change for the better. Taking time to improve yourself, to take care of yourself, to clear your mind off your daily usual thoughts and worries, letting bad experiences go and focusing on being thankful for what you are and what you have is just what the doctor ordered for a stressed out teacher.

Besides yoga, I started another habit that proved itself effective and that is conscious eating. I realised at one point I was not aware of my eating process – I ate fast, without chewing carefully every bite and I ate way more than I actually needed. I was tired, I felt heavy and my system was down. I am still in process of learning how much my body needs and I sometimes give in to little sweet or cheesy pleasures, but now I just enjoy them slower and longer.




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