Teachers on the Job 24/7

You know how sometimes it’s 2 in the morning and you’re imagining how the Christmas show is supposed to go…over and over again…and your brain doesn’t seem to want to stop from going into all the details, but you’re also trying to reason with yourself to go to sleep because you have to wake up in 4 hours, and later on in 3 hours? I also know that!

And do you know how you’ve got this awesome idea about this innovative, never heard of before element to introduce in your  new project just to make things more interesting for your pupils and you’re so excited about it that you spend your whole evening researching and taking notes, and when you get to actually doing it nobody is there to notice your thoughtfulness? …yeah…

Oh, but do you know how you waste half of your weekend listening to songs, selecting and deselecting, searching for versions and then trying to adapt the best and hardest thing you find for your precious bunch? Yes.

And then, when the sweet holiday comes, you can’t really, fully enjoy it, because at one point during the day sudden thoughts pop in your head and you start thinking of how much work you’ll have once you get back to school. Right?


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