Always mix work and pleasure!

For some teachers teaching is a job…a very hard and underpaid job. For other teachers teaching is their destiny, their calling, it’s who they are. They teach all the time to everyone about everything, which can be annoying. It’s very hard for such a teacher to separate their “teaching persona” from their “you’re at home, try to relax-persona”, because it’s the same “persona”. I stopped fighting it a long time ago.

I am worried. I am always worried. Why doesn’t some kid understand that topic? How am I teaching it? How can I change my approach to make him understand? Who is he? Does he like math? Does he like arts? Maybe I can make a sketch or a scheme to help him see things differently?

So I go home and we have an entire discussion, brainstorming on solutions. Did you try this? Did you try that? Well, how did it go? Makes me feel like we are THE MUSIC EDUCATION THINK TANK. :))) But it always works. Together we find the best and most innovative ideas while preparing dinner.

That’s why I honestly recommend mixing work with pleasure. You succeed at both, it’s a win-win!

P.S.: No, this article is not about flirting at work 🙂


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