The Perfect Event

Events are always about bringing people together. When I create an event I target all the people I care about, all the people who matter and make a difference in my life and all the people to whom I matter and make a difference in their lives. That’s why the event has to be perfect.

Even though some people think of me as being a perfectionist, I’m really not. I’m way too tired to be a perfectionist. I don’t iron my clothes and I can sleep like a baby even though there are dirty dishes in the sink.

But an event is not about me, it’s about people who take part in the event. There are so many unexpected things that can happen in an event and I am perfectly at peace with that. All those honest mistakes capture the reality of who we are and they make the event unique. It’s not the unexpected I dread, it’s the expected. It’s the elements that could easily go smooth if you just hire the right people and spend a little more money on quality products.

And the only way this can happen is when you work with people who care about your project/event as much as you do. Nothing is more frustrating than working and committing yourself to an event, but the team of organisers has other priorities than the success of your event.

You see, I don’t care just about attendance at this event, I care about how this event can make people feel, and on my events I want people to feel precious, appreciated, even royal.

Don’t just pick ANY location, find THE location, the one that contributes to the atmosphere you want to create.

Don’t just put on SOME music, put on THE music that expresses exactly what you want to express.

Don’t just hire A photographer, hire THE photographer that you know will capture the essence of your event.

Don’t just serve ANY snacks, serve THE snacks that people will be talking about when they get home and even try to find recipes for.

Making sure all these elements are perfectly aligned with your intentions is a sign of respect towards the people who attend.

So “perfect” for me does not mean flawless. Perfect means “made with love”. Cause when you love something, you don’t care about costs and profits…or at least I hope you don’t.

P.S.: Sorry about the excessive use of the word “event” 🙂


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