My favourite boss

I have yet to meet an ideal school leader, but some of the people I’ve worked with have come close. So I know exactly what I like and dislike about a community leader, which decisions, attitudes and actions were fruitful and which weren’t. Of course, I would never even consider bringing it up, if I myself, were not in a continuous state of self-evaluation. Here are just a few things that I believe should characterise any person in leadership.

  1. SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Always reflect on yourself, on your behaviour and on your words and try to improve your communication skills and any other skill required in your field of work. Making the same mistakes, over and over, just because you can’t be bothered to grow in your knowledge, or because you already think you know it all, is a sign of mediocrity.
  2. RESPECT YOUR TEAM – Respect has such a wide range of manifestations and it covers so many areas, that you can’t claim to be a respectful person, unless you embrace it all. In my opinion, leaders should show respect even when angry and frustrated, even in stressful situations and even to a person they dislike.
  3. LOVE YOUR TEAM – Caring for the people who make your team can go such a long way. Showing even the smallest interest in their struggles and trying as much as you can to give a helping hand will create the so longed for unity. If the people in your team succeed on an individual level, your team can only benefit from this process and grow stronger.
  4. COMMUNICATE – Keeping your team up to speed with everything that is happening is so important, especially when you’re dealing with a very foggy situation. People need to feel like they are important enough and trusted enough to be informed and involved at all times. A team who doesn’t feel appreciated will soon stop functioning as a team should.
  5. TRUST YOUR TEAM – This is where delegating should be. It’s not about passing around responsibilities you don’t want or like, it’s about renouncing the idea that you know best how things should be done and if your methods are so efficient, teach them about your process and how to get the best results.
  6. ACCEPT FEEDBACK – Never dismiss a complaint, an observation or a request. Some things are just yours to deal with, no one else can handle them, so act like a leader, own your position and improve yourself in order to earn the respect, love and trust of your team.
  7. WORK HARD – I love hard-working leaders. They’re such an inspiration! There is no better way of boosting a team’s enthusiasm than setting yourself as an example. I mean besides a salary raise…wink.

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  1. I completely agree with your leadership characteristics! I heard a CEO speak the other day who said someone can manage 500 people and not be a leader, and someone can manage zero people and be one. It is truly not a title or position, but a behavior.

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