Private lessons

This can be a sensitive topic, but private lessons are a part of a teacher’s life sooner or later. It can be the best thing that has happened to you all day or it can be a dread. Either way you have to be careful how you manage your personal life, your job and these private lessons in order to be content, to be at peace, to keep a joyful attitude and to stay healthy.

CHOOSE YOUR CLIENTS CAREFULLY – I never teach piano to children who are recommended by someone without a trial period. If I am sacrificing one or two hours of my precious evenings after work, it better be with a child that is as committed as I need him to be. Otherwise we’re wasting each other’s time and efforts and money.

MAKE A SCHEDULE – Always take into consideration the time you spend on the way to the private lessons and back home to analyse if it’s worth the effort or it’s just gonna be a drag. If possible, choose students close to your home or even better, if you prefer, teach at home.

SET APPROPRIATE FEES – If you’ve considered adding private lessons after work, that means you need the extra money to complete your earnings. Whether it’s because you’re saving for your holiday, for health issues, for a big purchase or just to fit the bills, make sure you ask for a price that can make a difference at the end of the month – otherwise you’re just gonna feel like you work continuously and nothing is improving, you might as well just drop everything and go home, spend time with your loved ones. Also, a generous fee will assure you that the parents will constantly be involved in this process, keeping the child responsible about his homework, because nobody wants to make such a big investment without seeing results.

RESET – Regardless of your day, when you go to your private lessons, you should just reset, be there 100% with your care and attention, with your willingness to explain and with joy. A right attitude will help you go through the lesson more easily and more relaxed, you’ll enjoy it, the student will enjoy it, everybody’s happy!

BIRTHDAYS – Always mark their birthdays in your calendar and prepare a small gift when you meet them. I am used to receiving presents from parents and I appreciate their kindness towards me, so I figure the least I can do is show my appreciation in return with a small gesture like this.



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