Why, When and How should a child learn to play the piano

This is a serious and important topic that I often find myself discussing with many parents. Every situation is different, every family is different, every child is different. There can’t be one rule to fit everyone. So I decided to share with you why, when and how will my own child learn to play the piano, from a musician’s stand point.

Why? Because of it’s undeniable role in the development of the mathematical and creative processes. My goal is not to make a musician out of him and my belief is that music can enlarge the brain’s horizon to numerous opportunities.

When? Every day. No day without music. No day without good music. Complex and inspired music. And yes, I do mean classical music, instrumental music, music where the message is carried out only by the sound and not by the words. Listening will create and enhance the child’s taste for music. And when the basic speech principles are installed, we start learning bit by bit.

How? Mandatory. For my child music would not be an option, something to do only if they like it. Music is discipline. Children are known for their lack of it. Children do not like discipline naturally. So learning to play the piano will be part of the daily routines: we wake up, we wash, we eat, we play, we learn something new on the piano.

So if you are a parent who wants his child to start learning the piano, it is you who has to be prepared for the long run, not the child. You have to implement healthy habits of introducing music and piano in his every day life.



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