Gifts for Teachers

Yet another controversial subject. Nowadays, gift giving is a trend among parents. I don't necessarily approve of it, even though I enjoy presents in general, because I already feel I have been rewarded for my work in my last paycheque. And an honest "Thank you!", a general appreciation of my work and a respect for... Continue Reading →


What happens in my piano class

One on one classes are difficult. You have to create a positive and familiar atmosphere in order to make the pupil feel comfortable. I've been teaching piano for 6 years now and more than 100 students have began their musical journeys with me, all preschoolers. My priority is to build a strong foundation of knowledge... Continue Reading →

Christmas In Your School

If there is anything children learn in school, maintaining habits is one of them. From waking up every morning with a goal, to highlighting important phrases they need to remember, to mentally and practically preparing themselves for an important test, setting and maintaining healthy habits can impact someone's life professionally, socially, personally and spiritually. And... Continue Reading →

Professional much?

I keep meeting people with no professional manners, but with very important positions in very important companies. And here I was, thinking that adopting a professional attitude is what's going to bring success. While some may think this is common sense, there are people who have abandoned it even in a professional environment. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Stay healthy & Stay happy

Being a teacher can have it's toll on a person's health. Either from back pain - sitting or standing too much - either from unhealthy eating habits - not eating enough or eating too much. You have to decide to make an effort towards a healthy lifestyle in order to stay fit for any activity that... Continue Reading →

Young Jazz in Bucharest

What started out as young jazz musicians improvising and experimenting, ended up as a simply groovy soulful sound. You've heard them on the most important jazz stages in Romania: Green Hours Jazz Festival 2014, Bucharest Jazz Festival 2014, Alba Jazz 2015, Jazz TM 2015, Dobrojazz 2015, The Gardener Jazz Festival 2015, Danube Jazz & Blues... Continue Reading →

Teachers on the Job 24/7

You know how sometimes it's 2 in the morning and you're imagining how the Christmas show is supposed to go...over and over again...and your brain doesn't seem to want to stop from going into all the details, but you're also trying to reason with yourself to go to sleep because you have to wake up... Continue Reading →


Definition: a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons. Amateurs often have little or no formal training in their pursuits, and many are self-taught. So how is it that I meet more and more modestly self-taught "musicians", mostly singers, who choose to make a living and a profession in the music industry. They can't read a music sheet, they don't understand or use any of... Continue Reading →

Always mix work and pleasure!

For some teachers teaching is a job...a very hard and underpaid job. For other teachers teaching is their destiny, their calling, it's who they are. They teach all the time to everyone about everything, which can be annoying. It's very hard for such a teacher to separate their "teaching persona" from their "you're at home,... Continue Reading →

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