Reasons why you shouldn’t make your kid take piano classes

I compiled a list of annoying and disturbing reasons why some parents consider piano for their children.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the child will fail because his parent’s motivation is wrong. It only means that it can add, unwillingly, unwanted pressure.

Studying an instrument is already hard in so many ways, I’m gonna have to discuss this over in a different article.

So let’s begin!

  1. Because you always wanted to know how to play the piano, but never had the opportunity to learn. This is not how old regrets work. You’re not supposed to pass on your children this huge responsibility to fulfil your long lost dreams and expect them to succeed just because you’ve been generous enough to create this opportunity for them. And I can tell you right now, if you thought studying piano was “so dreamy”, you probably would have dropped it the moment you would have realised that you had to sacrifice your precious play dates just to study, come rain or come shine.
  2. Because all of your mommy girlfriends’ children started piano lessons and are bragging about it. Well, this one is simply stupid…I can’t explain this one. But please consider this: your child might not be into piano as much as the other kids, so when you meet your friends for coffee and everyone will be boasting about it, you’re gonna have to complain and make up all sorts of excuses.
  3. Because none of your mommy girlfriends’ children study piano and you want to brag about it. I think this one tops reason number two. If you want to be the mom who introduces the piano lessons trend in your circle, you’re gonna have to go all the way, to be an example for everyone else, after all, you did start it. You can’t be the mom who’s child gives up and everyone else’s succeeds. That’s just lame.
  4. Because you have an old piano in your living room, that you inherited from your aunt. Whaaat? I know…this one is not even a reason.

To be continued…


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