Do Your Best

Every time we get ready for a piano recital, students feel the need to find a reason for preparing for it. Maybe I should prepare to show off my skills. Maybe I should prepare to avoid being laughed at if I make mistakes. Maybe I should prepare so that my parents see their money's worth.... Continue Reading →



Artist in Residence is a program organised by Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB, the engine of most of the cultural events that happen in Bucharest. The curator of this program's first season is Lucian Ban, one of the greatest ┬áRomanian contemporary jazz pianists and composers. He has selected and invited in this program a series... Continue Reading →

Why I teach

I have given up a long time ago the intention of "creating excellent musicians". I have discovered that there are many ways through which music can help and enrich a child's life and mind. This is my list. I want my students to experience and practice discipline, disciplined behaviour, disciplined habits, so that later on... Continue Reading →

Teach More

When I was preparing to become a teacher, I thought for sure I was gonna be bad at it, because I didn't know how I could possibly connect with kids, I don't even know how to talk to them. I had friends that would automatically change their voice and their behaviour when they were talking... Continue Reading →

10 Healthy Habits

So when you hit 30 and already your back is killing you, your knees crack when you get up and stuff starts hurting with no apparent reason, you're thinking it's time for a change. You are nowhere near the end of your life and you can't spend another 30 years with this situation going on... Continue Reading →

Romania celebrates International Jazz Day

I promised I would get back to you with a list of jazz events for International Jazz Day in Romania. Unfortunately I only found a few, apparently this year the local administrations weren't as interested in organising the usual events they had in the previous years for JazzDay. So here they are - click on... Continue Reading →

Teacher Struggles

Despite the popular belief, a teacher's struggles have nothing to do with teaching. We already know how to teach. We've studied years and years of psychology, pedagogy, class management and all the modern methods available out there to be fully prepared to teach and serve. Unfortunately we were never prepared for the real struggles. And... Continue Reading →

I put the Tea in Teacher

Ever since I was small I was used to have a cup of tea in the morning and one in the evening. We somehow always had some kind of tea in the cupboard because we lived near a forest and there were lots of medicinal plants you could find and my mom used to pick... Continue Reading →

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